Custom Shelving Toronto

Custom Shelving Toronto

Building your own custom shelving is an awesome technique to create additional storage space on a budget and adding a unique and artistic touch to your home. Our custom shelving Toronto team is here to help you with taking on a DIY approach to adding shelving to your living space.

Door Shelves

If you are an admirer of the rustic look, create a bookcase using a paneled door. Get your creativity flowing and refinish the door however you want and then lean it against a wall, leaving some space between the wall and the door. After deciding how many shelves you need, cut the desired number of holes in the door. Finally, attach shelves to the bottom of every hole.

Toronto Custom Shelving

Suitcase Shelves

A look that will always be appealing is using vintage suitcases as shelves. Use one of your old suitcases, shut it closed and split it horizontally. Next, use a screwdriver or any tool to mount both halves of the suitcase on the desired wall. The suitcase shelf look is a superb look for a home office, bedroom or even a library.

Brick shelves

Renting a living space or don’t want to install anything permanently on your wall? Well then, this option is perfect for you. To get started, cut some boards into equal lengths and paint or style them depending on the look and feel you are going for. Then, pile them with bricks or cinderblocks in between each board.

Custom Shelving Toronto, Canada

Rope Shelves

Rope shelves would be a great fit in a laundry room, child’s room or a mud room. Use thin boards, and paint them any color you want. Once painted, drill two holes on both ends and fold two hefty ropes in half. Thread one side of the rope through one of the sides, and the other through the opposite side of the boards, leaving some space at the top and knotting underneath the shelves. Hang the ropes on the wall with a durable hook and VOILA!

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