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    Built-In Closets for Small Spaces

    3 Smart Ways to Design Closets for Small Spaces

    Does adding a built-in closet system to a small space seem like a bad idea? Some people worry that a small closet will make space seem even smaller, but the opposite is true. There are many closet and storage solutions for small spaces that can make it seem larger, by adding structure and order and getting rid of clutter. Here are three smart ways to design closets for small spaces in Toronto.

    1. Focus on Custom Shape

    The more custom the shape of your closet can be, the more space it will provide. Think of a traditional closet with one long rack across the top. When you add in a second rack beneath it to make a custom layout, you double the storage space of the closet. So, your shelving in your small closet should fit the exact shape of the items you want to store there.

    Your built-in closet system should be a custom fit for space. Sometimes by creating a triangular closet or a narrow closet, we can get more storage space out of unusually small spaces.

    2. Modular Shelving for Changing Needs

    Have you ever seen the inside of a tiny house? People make these little spaces work by having modular furniture. Modular just means that there are units in the space that can be rearranged to work better. A modular desk could turn into a modular kitchen table.

    In the world of shelving, many things can be modular, so that you can change the layout of the closet. A custom-built closet organizer could include sliding doors, shelf dividers, movable racks, and containers that can be shifted throughout the closet.

    3. Purpose-Based Decisions

    If you have a smaller than average front hall, bathroom, or pantry, it can be hard to squeeze in every feature you want in your built-in closet systems. That’s why we suggest you focus on the main purpose of the space and give that one the most room. Other purposes can be made up in other spaces. For example, if your front hall closet can’t hold all your shoes, a custom-built closet organizer in the bedroom can.

    Get Designing with Space Age Closets

    If you’re struggling with a small or disorganized room in Toronto, the team at Space Age Closets can help. We have closet and storage solutions that can work for small or unusually shaped spaces, to help you really maximize the square footage you have. Contact us today to start brainstorming some ideas.

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