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    3 Types of Kitchen Shelving Storage Solutions

    In many people’s homes, the kitchen is central to the home. It’s a place to congregate to make food, enjoy meals together and is often a communal spot people flock to. It’s also an area of the house that stores a lot of different types of items like food, appliances, pet supplies, dishes, spices and so on. Kitchen organization is often an ongoing process in many homes but effective storage solutions are a great way to have a set place for everything while adding decorative aspects. If you need to create extra space, want to make your items more accessible or simply just want to find a new way of organizing them — you’ve come to the right place. Here are the three shelving storage solutions trending right at this moment.

         Open Rows of Wall Shelving


    47181133 - kitchen cooking utensils in ceramic storage pot on a shelf on a rustic wooden wall, space for text

    This design is perfect to create a gallery look in an enclosed kitchen or in a kitchen that has a sectioned off cove. If your kitchen is on the smaller or narrower side or if you live in a condo or apartment, this is a great way to create an illusion of space in your kitchen while maximizing storage.

    Advantages of this type of shelving include: creating more space for kitchen items, being able to organize items, eliminate clutter and present it in a decorative way, and add other decorative elements such as interesting bracket designs and colour schemes! If you prefer floating shelves, you can opt for those instead of shelving that has brackets. Another key advantage is that you can combine this type of shelving with flat-panel cabinets for a mixed-shelving look or opt for only open rows of wall shelving instead. The possibilities are endless.


    Open Cabinet Shelving

    top-home-office-1Take your old cabinet doors off and turn the space into little cubicle-shelving. This shelving is featured in our home office image can be applied to create a structured look in an open-concept kitchen. This is perfect for open or closed kitchens — particularly kitchens that have cabinets above a countertop. Display wine glasses, pottery, vases and your dishware in a unique and interesting way!




    Hanging shelving

    46894767 - silver metal drying shelf rack in a luxury kitchen interior

    Hanging shelving acts as a centrepiece for a kitchen. It works best in kitchens that are open and spacious. It has a grandiose visual appearance as it’s fastened by metal bars or chain links that drop down from the ceiling. This is another functional yet beautiful design. You can choose to make your shelves as thick, wide and as long as you’d like to create a proportional look with your countertop. You can also hang wooden planks or glass shelving if you don’t like metal. It’s even possible to split up them up into two or three squared-off sections and place them closer to a wall. These make stunning visual accents and you can integrate spotlights into the design to create a whole other visual effect.

    Another great advantage about this type of shelving is your ability to customize with add-ons. For instance, you can add a metal bar to hang your pots and pans for an ultimate industrial design look.

    Are you looking into revamping your kitchen? Would you like to create better storage solutions for this area of your home? Get in touch with us to talk about how Space Age Closets can help you realize your vision.






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