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    4 Benefits of Installing Custom Garage Cabinets and Storage Systems

    Custom garage storage systems can benefit you and your home tremendously. Feel more organized, like you have more space, and make your home more valuable. Here are some of the benefits of installing custom garage cabinets that you can expect.

    1. Change with the Seasons

    Many people in Toronto keep their seasonal items in the garage because they don’t need regular access to them during the off-season. You might have Christmas decorations, ski equipment, and other seasonal items in the garage, but they aren’t easy to get to. Custom cabinetry can make it much easier so that you can access things as the seasons change without a fuss.

    2. Get More Space

    Custom-built cabinets can always fit more in them than a generic solution, even if they are the same size. Custom cabinets have shelves that are just the right size for your specific items so that you can use your space more effectively. You might have one cabinet that perfectly fits your toolbox, with shelving above that fits your air compressor or other large equipment. You can even fit items from your home office, leaving more room for your home office furniture elsewhere.

    3. Garage Mudroom Storage Space

    Is your front hall a bit of a mess? Get garage mudroom storage out of your custom cabinets. You can store your winter gear, shoes, coat, hats, and anything else you need before you head out the door. This way, you’ll have more space in your home for other storage needs. And you can prevent bringing mud and snow into your home, so it’s easier to clean.

    4. Invest in Hobby Equipment

    When you have more space, you can store more things. Don’t fret about investing in more equipment for your hobby, whether it’s car parts or carpentry tools. You can get the space you need in your garage with help from the experts and a well-designed garage storage system. Just tell our experts what you’re interested in.

    Work with Space Age Closets

    Are you ready to get more storage in your garage, so you can finally fit in the car, get a mudroom, or free up space in the rest of your home? Space Age Closets should be your first call. We can help you with all of your home storage needs, from home office furniture to garage mudroom storage units. Contact us today for help.


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