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    5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Basement Storage Cabinets

    Basement storage cabinets can significantly improve the function of your space and give you a lot more storage in your home than you’re used to. There are a few things you should consider if you’re getting this extra storage in your basement in Toronto, as it’s a unique space. Check out these basement storage ideas to get started.

    1. Basement Moisture Issues

    Many basements in Toronto have moisture issues. They tend to trap moisture, and sometimes these problems can be severe. To prevent damage in the case that your basement has moisture issues, you need to choose a cabinet material that can resist moisture. The experts at Space Age can walk you through your options.

    2. Height and Size of the Cabinets

    Unlike a walk-in closet, a storage cabinet is out in the open and will take away space from the rest of the basement. It will make the basement look smaller, especially height-wise, which may already be a challenge in your basement. You can choose cabinets that sit a few feet below the ceiling to fix this issue.

    3. Color of the Basement Storage Cabinets

    Light is also a big issue in basements. The more light you can create in the space, the larger it will appear. As your basement storage cabinets will take up a lot of visual space, it’s best to choose a colour that can make the space appear brighter. White is a great choice, but very light greys and beiges can work too.

    4. What You’re Storing in Them

    What will you be storing in your cabinets? Your designer should be able to craft cabinets at just the right size for the specific things that you want to store. That way, your cabinets can be as large as you need without taking up too much space in the basement.

    5. What Company You’re Working With

    The best way to ensure you’re getting quality cabinets that will work well for your specific basement is to work with a great company. Space Age Closets is just the company to design, manufacture, and install your cabinets. We can help you generate more basement storage ideas for your home in Toronto. Or, we can point you to other solutions that might work better for you, from walk-in closets to home office cabinets. Contact us at Space Age Closets today.

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