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    5 Questions You Should Ask Your Closet Maker

    If you’re getting any kind of custom closet in Toronto, you need to ask the right questions to get the most out of the experience and make the best long-term investment in your home. You have a closet and storage solutions expert at your disposal, so ask these questions to be sure you’ll be happy with the end result.

    1. Where Do You See the Most Opportunity In My House?

    Your closet maker should come to your house. Their years of experience should allow them to see storage opportunities and solutions you don’t. Even if you know what you want, they may surprise you with the unique solutions they suggest.

    1. Does This Closet Have Room for Every Item?

    Don’t be afraid to itemize the belongings you want to store in this closet and go through the list one-by-one. If this is to be your perfect closet, it needs to fit everything you want it to. It’s best to do this before the final design is set in stone, so your closet maker can adjust if they’ve forgotten an item.

    1. How Easy Is This Closet to Change Later?

    Your needs may change over time. Some closet storage solutions are permanent, and others can be easily changed. You may need flexibility for a growing family, or this could be the closet you plan to live with for the next twenty years. Either way, it’s important for you to know how flexible your new closet can be.

    1. What Is This Closet Made Out Of?

    You may need your closet storage solutions to be made of sturdy, scratch-resistant materials so that it will stay in good condition while your busy family uses it. Or, you may want a delicate, high-end material that matches your room’s style. Either way, it’s wise to know your closet’s material.

    1. How Is My Closet Different From Everyone Else’s?

    A custom closet and storage solution should be just that—custom. When you ask this question, you give your closet maker the chance to reveal that they’ve paid attention to your needs and make a truly unique closet. Maybe you’re too short to reach tall shelves. Maybe no other closet system can fit your collectibles. Everyone has unique needs, so be sure yours are met.

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