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Best Basement Storage Solutions for Your Home in Toronto

Basement Mud Rooms

Every homeowner dream to have a mudroom in their basement. Many people drop the idea thinking that there is not enough space to make something fruitful out of it. What they don’t know is with the help of a professional renovator, a lot can be achieved with very little space. Whether it’s an old home or a new one, we can help in organizing your basement mudroom in a way that everything falls into the right place. We can help make this area of your home tidy and stylish with our basement storage solutions like easy-care flooring, cabinetry, wall hooks, pull-out drawers, and bench seating.

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Game Rooms

Whether it’s for the adults or the kids, a perfect game room can be designed to have ample storage space that helps in organizing everything around. It’s not just a place to play games, you can install entertainment systems, a home bar, and storage cabinets to make it a more useful and fun place. Whether modern or traditional styles, a custom games room is sure to enhance your family’s home in value and utility.

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Home Office

A home office is a place where you can have all the amenities of an office, the comfort of your home and a place where you can stay away from the family distractions. It is a must-have if you are someone who brings work home or works from home. We can help you with a custom-designed desk with shelving, drawers, and cupboards with doors that hide your peripherals and papers. We can help you with a custom-designed desk with shelving, drawers and cupboards with doors that hide your peripherals and papers.

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Man Caves

Whether it’s about spending some quiet time, read books, enjoy your entertainment system, or have a drink in solace, the man cave is the answer. You can have your library, showcase collectibles, and have a place where you can work without any noises or distractions. A custom man-cave can be designed by hi-lighting a built-in, media entertainment center as well as incorporating a large flat-screen TV. A man cave can be further enhanced with decorative and stylish bookcases to house some of your favourite collections and vintage books. We also do custom home bars.

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Laundry Rooms

Having a perfect laundry room brings a lot of order in your routine. You can keep all the cleaners, brushes, detergents, fabric softeners and all other supplies at one place and out of sight. The wall cabinets provide ample space and bring a sense of style to your home. They also allow you to move more freely and keep you away from the clutter. We offer many laundry room storage solutions for big or small spaces.

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Custom Garage Cabinets, Shelving & Flooring

Your garage is not only for parking your car. It can be an extension of your home; a place to do house chores, hobbies, or projects. Instead of placing your equipment lying around the garage, we can offer you custom-built shelves to store your tools, power tools, and other household items in an organized and secure place. Arrange everything that you need in its proper place and easy to find it when you need it.
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