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    Custom Garage Cabinets

    Your garage is an important space and is not only for parking your car. It can be an extension of your home — a place to do house chores, complete hobbies or projects, or hang out with friends and family. Instead of tossing your yard or sporting equipment haphazardly in the corner, or on rickety, sagging shelves, we can offer you custom-built cabinets to store your bats, balls, power tools and other household items in an organized and secure place. Arrange everything in its proper place so that it is easy to find, and easy to put away.

    The Best Garage Storage Solutions Toronto has to Offer

    Overhead Storage

    Overhead storage is a great way to keep things you don’t often use out of the way and yet still keep it accessible. Overhead storage will allow you to maximize your floor space and keep things dry and off the ground. Our custom-made overhead shelving is built around your space and has a capacity of up to 600 pounds.

    PVC Slatwall

    PVC Slatwall is the perfect garage storage solution in Toronto. Made from extruded, solid-core low maintenance PVC, our Slatwall is easily washed and has a satin finish which is resistant to nicks and scratches and is also water-proof and stain-proof. Another perk is that if you cover all of your walls with our PVC Slatwall, you’ll never have to repaint or touch-up your garage walls ever again, saving you precious time, money, and energy.

    Build the Garage Storage Solutions of Your Dreams

    Renovating a garage can make the difference between having an amazing workspace and having a room that inspires claustrophobia due to the intense clutter. With our assistance and custom-built storage solutions, you can transform your garage into space you can use and love.

    Give us a call today and re-imagine your garage. For design inspiration, view our gallery below. Contact us today to book your free in-home consultation.





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