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A mudroom is one of the easiest places in the house in which to make a mess. From the dog running in from the rain, to the kids throwing their shoes and backpacks around, this entry space can be home to chaos and confusion. If you live in Toronto, storage solutions can be hard to find — especially with older homes. The garage mudroom can be a nightmare if it is not properly organized, or it can be a dream if everything is in its place.

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Tips To Design A Perfect Mud Room Storage

You might be spending a few minutes in your mudroom while going out or coming in but sometimes it is enough to set the tone for the day. After a tiring day at work when you get home, a well-organized mudroom that has a perfect setting to hang your coat, a place to sit and take off your shoes and other outerwear items can be a comforting experience. When you are planning to renovate your garage mudroom, think about your home’s entry and picture everything that you would want. Here are some tips that can help:

A Separate Space for Every Family Member

One of the most common reasons clutter forms is when every family member’s things are kept together. By allocating a specific storage solution for each family member you can have things more organized. Adjusting hooks and shelves for children, laundry baskets and separate shoe cabinets are few the things that brings order to your garage mudroom.

A Place to Sit and Put on Shoes

You can get a bench with storage space underneath to put small items like toys, sports equipment and or any other things that you need on the go. If this is placed next to a window, it can also be a good spot to read and relax.

Customized Cabinets

You garage mudroom cabinets can rise to the ceiling to utilize maximum space to store things that are not needed frequently like seasonal items, clothes and more.

Mud Room Storage Idea
Mud Room Storage Idea
Mud Room Storage Idea
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Mud Room

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Space Age Closets can help you organize your garage mudroom so that everything has its place, and is kept clean and meticulously organized. From built-in wall units to benches, we can transform your mudroom into a beautiful and efficient space that will help everyone in your home get out the door faster. Our custom mudroom storage cabinet offers efficient and family-friendly storage option for your home. Call Space Age Closets today and explore the samples of our custom mudroom storage ideas.

Some of the custom options that we offer include:

•  Easy-care flooring
•  Cabinetry to store all your coats and jackets
•  Wall hooks for scarves, umbrellas, etc.
•  Pull-out drawers (perfect for cell phones, keys, toques, sweaters, and gloves)
•  Bench seating

When we are finished, your mudroom will be a dream space. For design inspiration, view our gallery below. Contact us today to book your in-home consultation.

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