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    Built-In Home Entertainment System
    With a built-in storage solution, you can place your T.V. at the optimum viewing height, provide space for your speakers, and hide away pesky wires and cords. You can even have storage and display space around your entertainment system that can be used to display collectibles or decorative objects and books.

    Home Bar

    Our custom bars are the ultimate in classic luxury. A home bar adds an unparalleled level of style and sophistication to any room, and by building a custom bar in your games room, everything you need will be in the same space.


    Storage Cabinets

    Don’t leave games lying around; have us build custom cabinets to store everything you want in the game room.

    If you are considering building a game room, give us a call. We can book you in today for a free in-home consultation. Our talented designers can help you visualize your game room and decide how to utilize your space to its maximum potential.

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    Absolutely. Game rooms can be designed to accommodate all age groups from pool tables to toy chests.

    The size and layout are based on the needs of the space. All depends what’s going to be incorporated whether you have a pool table or a large screen TV.

    Most rooms are designed with that in mind. Always makes the room more valuable and better enjoyed.

    Perhaps use a theme that reflects the use, ie football posters or event posters or add wainscotting or fluting to create a more elegant space.

    Shelving and drawers are key. From there you can use a variety of ingredients such as glass, decorative mesh or various finishes so everything can be easily stored and found later.

    ? A game room usually is inside due to the weather.

    You can always add various childproof locks, bumpers on edges and elevate things off of the floor.



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