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    When working from home in Toronto, you need more storage, organization, and comfort to help you get your work done efficiently. Custom home office furniture can make your space much more functional and beautiful, enabling you to do your best work. Eliminate distractions, carve out your own space, and get a custom solution that works for you with Space Age Closets. We offer home office built-in cabinets in Toronto. Learn more below.


    At Space Age Closets in Toronto, we can build you a professional office that meets all of your design requirements including custom built-in wall units. Our custom office storage solutions can transform your room into a miracle of efficiency, beauty, and organization.

    Best Office Storage Solutions We Provide

    • Cabinets to store important documents and files
      Drawers for papers and office supplies
    • A built-in wall organizer for your books and collectible items
    • Shelves for your books and awards
    • Many more!

    Your Home-Office Built-In Options

    Everyone is different, and your office space should reflect you and your unique needs. It should also reflect the type of work you do, the equipment you need at your desk, and other items you want to store there. If you’ve left your cubicle at work behind, you don’t want to set one up at home. Your space should be personal, productive, and comfortable.

    At Space Age Closets, we can offer you plenty of cabinets with the right solutions for your needs. That includes:

    • Storage: Your storage space should neatly fit the items you need to store so you can easily access them. This custom storage helps prevent clutter and keeps your office tidy.
    • Functionality and fit: Do you need a folding desk, a standing desk, or a tray for your laptop? Your cabinets should fit you and your home office desk so that you’re comfortable.
    • Materials: We offer high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, including those that resist spills from our morning coffee.
      Display: We can create furniture that allows you to display pictures of your children, awards you’ve received, letters of recognition, and other notes and cherished items.
    • Beauty:It’s essential to have a beautiful space to be inspired and productive.

    Customize the Home Office of Your Dreams

    At Space Age Closets, we know that everyone works differently, and we believe that it is important for an office space to reflect that individuality. If you are considering building a home office, give us a call. We can book you in today for in-home consultation. Our talented designers can help you visualize your office options and decide how to utilize your space to its maximum potential.

    Why Work with Space Age Closets?

    Before we get started on your custom home office cabinets, we take the time to get to know you and what you need. We may have solutions that work perfectly for you that you may never have come up with on your own. Or, if you’ve seen something on social media that you want for your space, we can custom design it for you.

    Getting started is simple. We offer free in-home consultations to make sure you’re happy with our services and that we’re a good fit.

    Get Custom Home Office Cabinets in Toronto

    Space Age Closets offers home office cabinets and other storage solutions in Toronto. If you’re ready to get started making your home office truly yours, reach out to us today.

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    Almost any room can be custom made into a home office.

    This is one of the main goals of having a custom office in your home.

    ? Lighting, location, placement of storage and lack of distractions are some of the items we can accomplish to maximize your productivity.

    Most home offices can be used for a variety of uses for business or personal uses.

    It’s necessary to have your home office in a quiet space in your home. Minimize distractions as little as possible to work thoroughly.

    This is a décor item. Make sure you have comfortable chairs as well as great task and overhead lighting.

    Make sure you have doors with possible locks to keep away prying hands.



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