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Reach-in closets are the perfect storage space for most rooms. A well-designed reach-in closet can be the perfect way to find an organization and create a pleasing aesthetic in a room. Whether it is in the hall or the bedroom, you will love how reach-in closets provide an easy way to store items that you need to access easily.

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Where You Should Install a Reach-In Closet

The Bedroom

A bedroom can be the perfect place to install a reach-in closet. This is a great way to display your wardrobe options and easily access everything that you need within arm’s reach.

Kid’s Room

A reach-in closet is a great way to keep a kid’s room tidy. We recommend designing the closet so that it has room for both clothing and toys. With add-ons, the closet can grow and adapt to your child’s growing needs.

The Hallway or Mudroom

A reach-in closet can be a great way to organize coats, accessories and shoes, allowing easy access and keeping chaos in check. Whether you’re coming or going, A reach-in provides instant access to your clothing and shoes when you’re in a hurry.

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Build the Reach-In Closet of Your Dreams

Whether it is in the hall or the bedroom, you will love how a reach-in closet provides an easy way to store items that you need to access easily.

If you are interested in a reach-in closet, call Custom Space Age Closets in Toronto today and book a free in-home design consultation. We can help you design the reach-in closet of your dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Reach-In Closets

More often, we see six feet wide and two feet deep and eight feet tall as the common sizes. The joy of creating custom closets is we can make you any size.

A reach in would be too small for this type of conversion.

This is the joy of creating custom closets, we can tailor it to your needs.

Double hanging, long hanging, shoe storage shelves, jewelry and shoe drawers, belt/tie racks, valets, the list is almost endless.

Please keep in mind to select the right material right from the get-go. Vacuuming and dusting is the best suggestions for keeping it clean.

A built-in’s can be a stand-alone and can be custom design however you want.

Use the height to your greatest potential. Don’t waste an inch!