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Custom Walk In Closets Toronto

If you are dreaming of a walk-in closet, you are not alone. A custom walk-in closet is the dream of any homeowner and can be the most valuable storage space in your home. It also can create a sense of luxury and space in the bedroom.

Custom Walk In Closets Help with Clutter

A custom-built Toronto closet — especially if it is a walk-in — maximizes the room available by making use of horizontal space and vertical space. You can organize your accessories, clothing, jewelry and shoes in one place, freeing up room in the bathroom and providing a designated spot for each item. You will not have to disturb your bedroom in order to find the perfect outfit. A walk-in closet will allow you to easily display items, allowing you to get ready and out the door faster each and every morning.

Different Types of Custom Walk In Closets in Toronto

We can build whatever type of custom walk-in closet you want, with details set to your preferred specifications. Whether you want one with doors to create a sense of separation or an open-plan closet that allows the space to be an extension of your bedroom, we can adjust the closet to fit your needs and vision. We can build cupboards, drawers, and shelving to match your needs. We can even install custom jewelry drawers (hidden or fully visible), fold-out laundry hampers, and other unique Toronto storage solutions.

If you are ready for the closet you’ve been dreaming of, it’s time to call Space Age Closets in Toronto. View our gallery of built-in closets and walk-in closets below for design ideas and contact us for your free in-home consultation.

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