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    Who Should Get a Wall Bed or Murphy Bed

    Urban Living – 
    If you have a condominium, apartment, or house, you may want to conserve your floor space. A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is the perfect way to take your space from night to day with ease. This is also a great way to utilize a loft space so that it feels private and yet maintains the open floor plan. With a wall bed or Murphy bed, nobody will feel like they are intruding, because the bedroom aspect of the loft space will not be visible.

    Guest Room – 
    Many people want to have the option to have a guest room but do not want to devote an entire room to guest use. A futon is also an unattractive option, as they are generally uncomfortable and you do not want to choose a couch based on its trans-formative qualities. A wall bed is a perfect alternative! Easily stored when not in use, wall beds are comfortable and make for the perfect guest bed.

    Office – 

    Spend a lot of time where you work? Why not install a bed space that can be utilized when you have a long night? Wall beds are a convenient way to preserve a professional environment and avoid hotels.



    Different Types of Wall Beds & Custom Murphy Beds in Toronto

    We install Murphy beds using authentic Murphy hardware in Toronto and throughout the GTA. All of our Murphy beds & wall beds are customized to your preference and space. Our wall beds feature steel frame rails and stiffeners. This panel bed system comes with a European-made, spring-loaded mechanism. We use the patented Murphy bed Legs that fold into the cabinet when closed. The finished cabinet attaches to wall studs and will accommodate a standard-sized coil mattress with a maximum depth of 10″. The cabinet is suitable for your choice of a double, queen or a single bed and upon special request, king-size versions can be constructed. Wall beds & Murphy beds are perfect for residential or commercial use in the city of Toronto or the GTA.

    Our Experts Bring you Toronto Storage Solutions

    We can customize your Murphy wall bed and integrate it with a home office, closet, bookcase, or other storage solutions. This will give you additional space to store bedding and pillows and other items.

    If you are thinking of installing a wall bed in Toronto, check out our work below or give us a call for your in-home consultation.

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    This is what makes Murphy beds superior to any other wall bed out there.

    Always acknowledge how the Murphy bed actually works. Sixteen springs do all of the work.

    The only limit on mattresses we have is that it can’t be any thicker than 10”.

    We can create a side Murphy bed to accommodate a low ceiling.

    No, these are two different kinds of beds.

    We can build a headboard but a foot-board wouldn’t work.



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