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    We are also able to use the window seat to build storage solutions, such as shelves and cozies. You can have built-in shelves that frame the window seat, creating a miniature library. You can install pull-out drawers beneath the seat, creating storage space for blankets and pillows. This way you will have everything that you need for a cozy evening at home.

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    Let us build the window seat of your dreams. The sky is the limit.

    If you are considering a window seat for your home, give us a call. We can book you in today for a in-home consultation. Our talented designers can help you visualize your window seat options and decide how to utilize your space to its maximum potential.


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    We only use Canadian-made low pressure laminates. They are durable and stand up to the test of time and usage.

    Custom window seats can be designed to fit in any shape or size including bay windows or any other style.

    All depends on the materials used and thickness. Depends on what the the material is graded for.

    We use variety finishes and styles. Your imagination is your only limitation.

    ? Of course it can be used for both sitting and storage. You can have either doors or lift up flaps for access.

    ? This is one of our favourites since we can design both in the same area. Again, this is why we love custom designing cabinetry!

    This where a great designer is absolutely necessary and our’s have decades of experience.



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