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So, you’ve pulled everything out of your closets in an attempt to see what sparks joy and throw the rest out. Then you pull out your phone because you need a break--and we don’t blame you. Why is spring cleaning such an overwhelming process? In part, it’s because you don’t have the modern custom cabinets you need to organize your belongings and keep them easily accessible. But you can get it.
Walk-in closets in Toronto are more flexible than you might think. Choosing a custom walk-in closet system can help you make the most of your space. What should you do with it? While the possibilities are endless, we’ve collected a few walk-in closet system additions that you might want to consider and personalize for your taste.
A Murphy bed is a highly practical option for homes that is often overlooked. They are designed so that you can easily fold them up by yourself against the wall. Without a bed taking up floor space all day, you’ll find that your home will feel significantly freer than it would with a standard bed. Wall beds are popular in Toronto because people need to make the most of relatively small living spaces. A custom wall bed can bring you even more benefits.
Are you considering building your very own game room in Toronto? A professional designer can bring a lot of beauty and function to your space. Whether you want a place to entertain people and play League or a more traditional game room with a billiards table, great game room designers near you can explore your ideas and create just the right space. When you’re choosing your designer, here are a few things to consider.
Basement storage cabinets can significantly improve the function of your space and give you a lot more storage in your home than you’re used to. There are a few things you should consider if you’re getting this extra storage in your basement in Toronto, as it’s a unique space. Check out these basement storage ideas to get started.
Walk-in closets are great, but many look like a blank slate. Your builder didn’t know how to best take advantage of this space because they didn’t know you. Space Age Closets, we can add walk-in closet systems that help you store more, better. Let us walk you through walk-in closet advantages, types, costs, and even some walk-in closet ideas.
Murphy beds may be an old idea, but they aren't stuck in the past. These convenient, stylish bed choices can help you get more space in your home. They work wonderfully with modern styles, including minimalism, Scandinavian-inspired, and Asian-inspired. If you are curious about getting a custom wall bed for yourself in Toronto, you won't want to miss these modern Murphy bed ideas.
People make a big fuss about walk-in closets, but are they worth it? If you live in Toronto, you may be a little envious of those who have space for a walk-in. Having more space is indeed nice. But the average walk-in closet isn’t exactly streamlined. It often turns into piles of unworn clothes, shoes, and a fair number of items that you don’t use but place in the closet because you have space.
Home offices are useful, flexible spaces that you may end up spending a lot of time in every day. Home office storage cabinets can make the room so much more functional, practical, and beautiful. Here are a few ways that you’ll benefit by adding custom cabinetry to the space that you’re planning in Toronto, ON.


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