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The joy of working at home is sometimes limited by a messy office. Why not invest in your productivity and peace of mind by installing new home office storage cabinets designed to meet your exact needs? Everyone works differently, so you should have a home office wall unit that’s unique to you. That’s our outlook at Space Age Closets. We offer storage solutions in Toronto, so we’ve installed many home offices. Once you decide to get some new storage, we know your first questions will be about which storage cabinets are right for you. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to find out.
If you live in Toronto, chances are you may have ended up with a home a little smaller than you had wanted. But good things can come in small packages! Making efficient use of your space will make your home feel bigger, and even increase its value when you go to sell it. That’s one reason built-in closets in Toronto are becoming more popular. Built-in closet systems let you make use of otherwise empty space. They add structure, organization, and tons of storage room. The best part is that you don’t have to knock down a wall. Here’s what you need to know about built-in wall closets.

Laundry rooms are notoriously messy. So much clothing goes through the space each week. Plus, you have your ironing board, soaps, hangers, collar stays, and other things that need their own spot in the laundry room. You can make this dreaded household chore a lot...

Once considered a luxury, most homeowners now view custom storage solutions as an essential part of maximizing space and making a home function at its best. Storage can be so much more than simply space to house your clothes and other items. With a little planning, your storage cabinets in Toronto can do as much to amplify your home as they do to establish order and minimize clutter.
Built in closets in Toronto are usually high on the list of priorities for home owners, but that doesn’t always mean that your perfect house will come with the closets you need. When it comes time to find the perfect closet configuration for your space, it can feel like a daunting task. In many cases, closets are an afterthought and so the design you currently have may be the wrong fit or lack proper storage for all of your clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories.
It’s not unusual for our team at Space Age Closets to hear from clients that we’ve helped change their lives. Helping people gain control of their home by reducing clutter and getting organized really can improve their entire lifestyle and even motivate them to make bigger changes. When you decide to invest in something like a bedroom closet solution, know that you’ll be choosing more than just how many shelves you want or where to hang your clothes. Getting organized with the help of custom closet and storage solutions will help build a sense of peace at home. And when your home feels peaceful, you’ll be better able to tackle and manage all other areas of your life.
Custom walk in closets in Toronto are still one of the most desirable elements when it comes to buying or renovating a home. These highly functional spaces used to only be a symbol of luxury, but these days custom walk in closets can be found in homes and condos of just about any size.

So you’ve finally found/finished building your dream home, but what about your dream closet? While closet space is nothing but a neat storage to some, it is, to many, a personal haven—a place to keep their personal effects organized and in good condition. After all,...

With the rising popularity of minimalist lifestyle and modern approaches to home and space organization, space saving closet organizers and custom cabinetry are all the rage as they provide better ways to keep the home clutter free and ways more manageable than ever before. With...

When tidying up is impossible because of your less-than space friendly close system, it may be high time to invest in more efficient storage solutions Toronto. Custom cabinets Toronto are all the rage in this day and age of minimalist lifestyles. If you are constantly...


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