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    How Can I Improve My Closet Storage

    How Can I Improve My Closet Storage

    Have ever you had one of those days when it’s so difficult to get your clothes out of your closet because they’re jammed in so tightly? This is a clue you need to organize your closets better and more efficiently.

    First off, there are so many simple ways to organize your closet to acquire space for all of your goods. Let’s start off with some ways.

    Hangers are very important. Suits and other shoe pull out 05heavy garments should be on solid wooden hangershanger - felt that help
    bolster the shoulder section. These types of hangers do take up a lot of space, that’s true, but they will keep your treasured clothes in good form. For light-weight shirts, whether a  blouse or t-shirt or even a dress shirt, this is where you can save some space but investing in some of    those felt-covered thin hangers. Since these types of shirts weigh very little, the felt hangers can be a god-send when trying to save some space.

    If your closet doesn’t have double-hanging, consider having this novel idea installed. Not only do you capture some of the vertical space of your closet more efficiently but you’ll have more room elsewhere for other items.

    However most pressing for a lot of people is how do I store my shoes? Most men have hanger - wooden suita limited amount but women 6da93df62576f5753735778755428251seemed to have cornered the market on the quantity of shoes. Under long hanging sections, it’s a perfect place on the floor or on a few shelves down there to store your shoes. Some people love putting their shoes into boxes and storing them away but if you’re like myself, I’d forget what they look like and not wear them. It’s always fantastic to see all of your shoes and if you’re like most, a shoe tower is a great way of putting them all in one spot. A tower of shelves is also a perfect way to store your purses if you are so inclined.

    The best decision for organizing your closet is contacting Space Age Closets and having the professionals help you.

    Stay tuned for part 2 of Improving Your Closet

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