Closet Shelving Units: Affordable Ways to Organize Your Home

Whether you have a huge walk-in closet or a tiny reach-in closet, a custom storage cabinet will help you make the most of your space and fit much more into the closet.

We have years of experience designing storage cabinets in Toronto, so we have a few tricks for your wardrobe shelving unit that you won’t want to pass up. Did we mention that they are all affordable additions? Explore these custom shelving options.

Stacked Racks

Walk into any developer-made closet in Toronto and you’ll find one closet rack, straight across the whole closet. This is a terrible use of space, as many of the items we hang are only half the length of the closet or less. One of our favorite design options is to stack closet racks, with one below the other. This way you can hang double the number of skirts and shirts in the same spot.

Angled Shoe Racks

Another great custom closet shelving unit idea is the angled shoe rack. You can try to store your shoes on shelves up high in the closet, but it becomes harder to see them unless the shelf is angled downward. When on an angled rack you can see the top details of the shoe, like whether it has brogues or what kind of straps it has. Don’t limit this solution to your wardrobe shelving unit. Put it in the front hall, the kid’s bedroom, or anywhere you store shoes.

The Perfect Drawers

In most of our closet shelving units, our clients want us to include a few drawers. There are a few ways that having drawers inside your closet will completely change your storage options. First, thin drawers are perfect for items that you struggle to store with your clothes where you need them. Watches, jewelry, scarves, even socks all look great in thin drawers and are easier to sort through.

Secondly, having closing drawers in a closet is great because it cuts down on the cluttered look some closets can get, especially with all those accessories in plain sight. When they are hidden away, your closet is a much more organized space that’s more pleasing to look into.

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