Closet Tips You Need!

If you’re like myself, I love an organized closet.  There’s nothing better than having all of your clothes and accessories at your fingertips. There are some really simple tips that you can do to elevate the space in your closet.

Here’s a simple list of what you should consider.

  • Closet Drawers: these are essential to hide all of your unmentionables whether you’re talking about undies, socks or your fuzzy handcuffs. A bank of drawers is a great way of to your closet real estate efficiently.
  • Double Hanging: Using your vertical space is also key. Double hanging allows you store shirt and pants (if folded over a hanger).  I know you need some single hanging somewhere for long dresses, coats etc but this should be kept to a minimum.
  • Shoe Storage: Although shoes are not a fetish of mine, I know a lot of ladies and men that have an immense quantity of shoes. A shelving tower for shoes are a great way to put them all in one space and since most shoes are not that long, you don’t need the shelving tower to be deeper than 16” unless you also play for a NBA team 🙂
  • Back Wall Accenting: This doesn’t help with organizing your closet, but this tip can make your closet pop more.  Consider painting the wall behind your closet or even mounting a panel.

  • Staging Area: Now that your clothes are organized, it helps greatly to have a counter space to use as a bit of a staging area. Whether this is get your clothes ready for the day with a valet rod or a flat space to load up one of your purses for the week.  Staging areas are a great idea so you can plan out your outfit for the day or for a hot evening date.

Consider some of these tips.  Whether you implement all of them or even a few, your closet will be better off.  The smartest tip however, is to call Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry: the space organizing experts! For more visit us at

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