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    What Are the Current Trends for Closets in 2023?

    In our business, closets are something we often dream about when we go home. Most closets are meant to store as much as possible with not only something practical and yet also pleasing to the eye. There’s nothing worst than an ill-thought out design created and then having it in an ugly finish. This is why you come to the experts, Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry!

    The big trend for your closet is to make it a bright vibrant colour. Whether it’s inside the closet in the hanging area or outside of it, add some colour. It’ll make you smile every time you walk in to your closet. Consider as well using paint of course but also consider the old stand-by, wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a huge come-back so why not give that a try!?

    For years we have told our clients to utilize lots of lights. Bright lighting will make it so much easier to see your clothes but this will also save time. We always recommend a statement chandelier for most walk-in closets but you also need general lighting over all. Whether you utilize LED’s, which we highly recommend, or something decorative, a well-lit closet will serve you so much better. We’ve even seen some pot lights installed that give a jewel-like ceiling of stars. So have fun and be bold with your lighting fixtures!

    Keep in mind, your walk-in closet has so many more uses than just get dressed. We often recommend clients consider a make-up table. However large the table is, this is the best place to get your wardrobe and face together. After all, everything’s in one spot, makes it so much easier! So consider a make-up table.

    Most closets are rather dark which is one of the reasons we recommend statement lighting, decorative and task lighting. If at all possible, consider having a window or a skylight to bring in some natural light. Not only will it give you better light to accurately see your clothing, it’ll make the closet seem so much larger. One of our clients installed a ceiling skylight, it made a world of difference.

    One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is a lean towards natural or light wood finishes. Dark woods, still popular with a lot of folks, are not nearly as popular as they used to be, it’s an 80’s thing. Light woods, a trend leftover from the 70’s has resurged greatly in popularity. We have seen a lot of our clients lean towards light maple and medium toned wood finishes. So give it a try!

    Sometimes I’m completely surprised that some trends never seem to go away but become more popular over time. Siding closet doors with mirrors are one of those trends that everyone seems to like. Not only are the mirrored doors practical but we have found they seem to make the room appear to be larger as well. The joys of mirrors! In this instance, the photo shows the mirror divided with mullions, a great new modern twist on a standard sliding door.

    Depending on the budget, yes we have to talk about that sometimes, we have told most of our clients that the best way to maximize your storage space is to use every square inch, not just horizontally but vertically as well. If you create your closet and go all the way to the ceiling, you are now using every possible space. With a closet finishing at the ceiling, you also have the chance to update the space where it joins the ceiling perhaps with some decorative moulding as well, super classy!

    Hopefully this has whetted your appetite to update your walk-in closet. After all, Custom walk-in closets are our specialty. Why not call one of our experienced designers to set up your next appointment. We love beautifying your home.

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