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    Toronto Custom Shelving Units

    Custom wall shelving units are an asset to virtually any space in your home. Whether you’re imagining shelving for your home office, basement, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, Space Age Closets can help. We offer quality commercial shelving units in Toronto. Learn more about your options below.   

    What are Shelving Units?

    A shelving unit is a supportive system meant to enable you to store your personal belongings. That might seem simple, but we take our custom shelving much further than this definition. We believe shelving should be made custom, to fit your exact space and the exact items that you want to store. The shelving you choose should reflect your personal style and the ambiance of your home. Shelving units can be some of the most essential pieces in your home that are made to last. Here at Space Age Closets, we seek to create custom shelving units that are durable and made to last years.

    Types of Shelving Units

    Shelving has been around for so long that there are numerous amounts of types that you can choose from. When you then begin customizing your shelving with your desired materials, styles, and the like, you’re looking at even more shelving options to fit your exact needs. However, there are some basic shelving types we can suggest to help inspire you:

    • Floating shelves: Don’t like the look of shelving that connects to the ground? Want to maximize your floor space? Floating shelves are mounted securely to the wall instead of being connected to a unit that is placed on the ground.
    • Corner shelving: Want to maximize your space but you don’t think anything will fit in the corner of your room? Think again with custom corner shelving. This shelving type allows you to strategically add shelves to your room by adding a shelving unit made to fit the shape of your room’s corner.
    • Built-in shelving: Built-in shelving is permanently affixed to the space it is installed in. Built-ins should be well-designed for the space that they are meant for and act as permanent useful fixtures.

    Use of Shelving Units

    Shelving units’ main purpose is for storage. But they should also lend beauty to your space. They can fill other functions as part of a home office or a kitchen setup. If you’re in Toronto, you’ll likely want shelving that can help you maximize a small space. We can help.

    Cost of Custom Shelving Units

    How much will custom shelving cost you? It all depends on what choices you make. That’s one of the nice things about custom options, we work within your budget and advise you on how to get the best shelving at your price. We can help you estimate the cost of the shelves that you want.

    Work with Space Age Closets Today

    We can help you with any custom shelving needs you have. We’re a custom shelving unit manufacturing company in Toronto. Reach out to us to discuss the details of your custom shelves.




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