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Custom Shelving Units

Your closet’s only real job is to hold your clothing and other possessions in a neat and organized manner. Why then, do so many people settle for the boring, inconvenient closet that the builder put in? Perhaps because they don’t realize the significant impact custom shelving units will have on their life and their perception of their bedroom, or the other rooms that they have a closet in. In fact, a custom closet can make your whole home feel new, because it maximizes your space. Here’s what you need to know about your options to completely revamp your closet.

How Do Closet Systems Work?

Ideally, your closet shelving would be personalized for you. It would give you a built-in system for organization that makes it easier to put things away and to find them when you need them. It would also make the absolute best use of your space, even if your closet is very small.

How do they maximize space? When you design shelving for the exact items that you own, you get more room. For example, if you own several suits jackets, skirts, or similarly sized items, you’ll notice that they only hang about halfway down your closet. Simply installing another rail below them doubles your space. We have many unique solutions that we can use to maximize your space, depending on what you own.

What else would you prioritize for your shelving system? Ultimately, the system has to work for you, so we have to listen to your needs and work our magic to come up with a shelving layout that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Closet Organization Options

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, shelving units will help you make the most of your custom closets. You have an almost endless array of options when it comes to your shelving, and we will help you narrow it down to find the solutions that work for you. For example, should you have shelf doors to hide the clutter? Or, do you prefer a more open look that allows you to see everything in the closet? These kinds of decisions will personalize the closet for you, and help you tackle the clutter in your life, your way.

Fix Your Closet Woes Forever with Space Age Closets

We can build any kind of shelving unit that you can dream up. You’ll be surprised at the options you have to make your closet significantly more practical and beautiful. Take a look at your options here on our website and contact us when you’re ready for your free in-home consultation.


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