Decorative Mesh Update

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Here is a great pic of something new for us: decorative wire inserts in cabinetry.

The example here is stainless steel and copper. Have a look at the cabinets with and without the inserts.

Absolutely stunning job.

Keep us in mind for your next custom cabinetry project.

Decorative wire grilles can help to enhance your cabinets and current home decor.

If you are unsure of which fine grilles will look best in your home, contact us to take a closer look at all your choices! Our design experts will help narrow down the best options for making crafty patchwork-style designs!

Whether you choose a copper sheet, wire grille, or decorative panel, these fine metal products are sure to make an eye-catching feature for your custom cabinets!

As closet and cabinet experts, we are able to take your space and transform it into a room that meets all your home renovation dreams and more. With our built-in and fully customized solutions, you won’t be able to imagine life without convenient storage and workspace solutions again!

A properly designed and custom-built cabinet can be an amazing space saver, which in turn will save you time and energy. It is important to customize your space to match your needs and the room’s size and shape.

Here is an absolutely stunning example of custom cabinetry that we built for a client: decorative wire inserts in cabinetry made of stainless steel and copper. Have a look at the cabinets with and without the inserts.

If you are ready to start building your custom cabinet, call us today! We can give you a free in-home consultation so that we can work together in designing your ideal custom cabinets.

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