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    Built-in Closet Systems in Toronto

    How Built in Storage Systems Can Provide Maximum Storage Space

    Are you looking for creative ways to make the most of your walk-in closet in Toronto? Then you should consider custom built-in closet organizers. Unlike the flimsy plastic or fabric alternatives, built-in wooden closet and storage solutions are made to last. Better yet, they can be completely customized to fit your clothing and anything else you’re putting in your closet. Here are a few closet solutions that you won’t get from temporary organizers.

    Half-Size Racks

    A closet is very tall, but most don’t make proper use of their size. Instead, they have just one rack across the top. When you get a built-in closet system you can ask for racks that are half sized and stacked on top of one another. Both racks still perfectly fit your shirts, jackets, skirts, and most of your clothing, but now you have twice the space. You can still leave a longer rack in for your dresses or pants that you don’t want to fold. Half-sized racks are especially useful in children’s closets.

    Angled Shoe Shelves

    Those plastic shoe bags don’t treat your footwear properly. They may be crushed, damaged, and even develop condensation in the bag. Instead, have built-in shelving that is custom made to fit your shoes. Here shoes can breathe, won’t be squished, and are easier to take in and out. What if you don’t want to put shoes on the high shelves because you can’t see them? Built-in closet systems solve that problem by using angled shelving that allow you to see the top of the shoes.

    Closet Island

    Just like the kitchen island, a closet island is an amazing option to add function and storage space to your closet. Instead of a countertop think a custom vanity or a place to fold your laundry or lay it out for the next day. Instead of a built-in wine cellar think extra, hidden storage for valuables like jewelry, watches, cuff links, or anything else you’d like to store inside.

    Get Custom Solutions from Space Age Closets

    A custom built-in closet organizer is only good when it’s optimized for you. You might need a unique combination of these elements, or a special solution just for you. If you want to learn more about how closet and storage solutions can give you the extra storage space you’ve been looking for, then reach out to us at Space Age Closets in Toronto.

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