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    How to Choose the Right Size Cabinets to Meet Your Needs Perfectly

    There’s no reason to be limited by the standard sizes of cabinets. When you’re getting modern custom cabinets installed, they can be any size that you need them to be. However, that choice can be a little overwhelming. Should your cabinets be larger, or smaller than standard? We have a lot of experience making custom storage cabinets in Toronto, so we can give you a few tips on how to estimate size.

    What Are You Storing?

    In the end, cabinets need to be functional. That means they need to fit what you want to fit in them. So, no matter what kind of cabinets these are, you’ll want to make sure that at least one part can fit the largest items you want to store. Those large items will be different depending on the space you’re adding cabinets too. Here are some things to watch out for:

    • Garage cabinets: You may want to store very tall or wide objects in your garage cabinets, like golf clubs or air compressors. Measure them to find out how large your cabinets should be.
    • Bathroom cabinets: Bathroom cabinets are more about privacy than sheer size. You may want a small section of the cabinet to be harder to access.
    • Home office cabinets: Many people store awards and collectibles in their home office, so make sure your cabinets can accommodate that.

    Don’t get too overwhelmed and measure everything you need to store. There are set sizes to fit common needs in modern custom cabinets. For example, your cutlery drawer will likely need to be the standard size for these drawers. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel unless you have a unique need for your cutlery.

    Where are the Cabinets Going?

    The cabinets can’t be so large that they can’t fit in the space you need to. Measure out the room you have for cabinets wherever you’re putting them. A skilled cabinet designer will be able to use these measurements, and the ones you collected in the last step, to create custom cabinets in Toronto that will work for you.

    Get Our Guidance on Size

    We offer custom cabinets in Toronto and can completely adjust the size and design of them to meet your exact needs. Contact us today for custom storage cabinets in Toronto.

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