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    How to Choose the Right Storage Cabinets for Your Home Office?

    The joy of working at home is sometimes limited by a messy office. Why not invest in your productivity and peace of mind by installing new home office storage cabinets designed to meet your exact needs? Everyone works differently, so you should have a home office wall unit that’s unique to you.

    That’s our outlook at Space Age Closets. We offer storage solutions in Toronto, so we’ve installed many home offices. Once you decide to get some new storage, we know your first questions will be about which storage cabinets are right for you. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to find out.

    1. Do You Store Paper Files?

    If you store paper files, you need cabinets built for that purpose incorporated into your design. They need to be strong in order to hold so much loose paper. Plus, you may need them to be accessible – that is, close to your desk. If the paper files are just backup and you rarely look at them, they can be stored further away.

    1. Do You Store Office Supplies?

    Everyone could use a drawer right near them on their storage cabinet with their extra pens and paper. However, these days you might also need dedicated compartments for your technology, from laptops to tablets.

    1. What Needs to be Kept Private?

    Some people store items that need to be kept out of view, whether it’s confidential client files, proprietary information, or just clutter that you don’t want to look at. Cabinets that will be storing such items should be closed, and potentially even locked. Home office wall units can incorporate safes.

    1. What Needs to be Displayed?

    Even if you have a strong dislike of clutter and want mostly cabinets with doors, you may wish to keep some areas open for displaying memorabilia, awards, collectibles, or even children’s artwork. Not only does this add visual interest to your office, it makes the room a warmer, more pleasant place to work. That will make you more productive.

    Talk to Space Age Closets 

    Still not sure what’s right for your home office? Or, have you come up with an ambitious idea for your home office storage cabinets? Either way, reach out to us at Space Age Closets. We can provide your unique storage solution in Toronto. Contact us today to book a professional in-home consultation.

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