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    Ingredients For A Successful Home Office


    So you’d like to work from home.  There are a few things that you’re going to need to have a great space to work in from home but most importantly, you need to capture a space in your home that is separate where you can work independently. Here are a few thoughts that will make your space not have your personal stamp but also a great place to work from. I find one of the biggest challenges when working from home is having a quiet space to work in and not have any disruptions.  If possible, try to find a part of your home separate and completely quiet.

    side-home-office-1          Another consideration is what type of work you plan on doing in your home office.  Are you meeting clients in there? Are you video-conferencing or having conference calls. The layout of your office dictates exactly how you’re going to be using your office.  Keep in mind if you are video-conferencing with client, you might want to consider what you have behind your chair or desk where you are working.  Perhaps photos of your work behind you would be best behind so you can show them off to potential or existing clients.

               If you have clients visiting you, you’re going to need to plan your office around a table or desk and you’ll definitely need seating at least for more than one person beside yourself.  A small table to suit your needs to display plans or documents is a great way to centre your office for clients and make them feel welcome.  A round table is always more welcoming than a square since it can create a sense of them vs us mentality. 

              other-side-home-office-1                                Since you are going to be in your home office many hours, a super comfortable chair is key.  Ergonomically you want a chair that is comfortable not one you can fall asleep in like your favourite lazyboy recliner.  Comfortable but practical for office work is what you need in a chair.

                                             Lighting is also something that is super important in your home office.  Of course general lighting is great for illuminating the room but around your desk where you’ll be doing the majority of the work, you’re going to need task lighting.  Whether it is a LED or fluorescent, a good desk lamp will help keep everything bright and visible.  Fluorescents however do have a tendency to wash out colours if you’re working with something where you’ll need to differentiate various shades.

                                             Speaking of colours, there is a whole spectrum of reason for various colours but I have found over the years, a stark white office will never make you a very productive person.  Warm medium-tone colours are the best way to go for an office palette.  If your office is too dark, you’ll feel far too relaxed but again, neon bright colours will make you agitated.


              Storage for most office spaces is very important.  Although you may store a lot of documents electronically, there is still a necessity of keep paper documents.  Books and reference material will also need to be stored close by as well so you can reference them at your leisure.  Bookcases and file drawers are a necessity for any office.  The more you have stored in your office, the more informed you can be.

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