Is Your Closet Bright Enough?

So you’re designing your new closet or updating your old one. Lighting is one of the best ways to accomplish that extra polish. Once the drawers and hanging have been done, you need that final finish and bit of pizzazz. Your lighting should be updated as well as your closet.

We’ve all seen those horrible stick on lights in closets that are powered by battery. First of all, sooner or later they fall off and the light is minimal at best. Just don’t do it. There are so many other better lighting solutions out there.

So let me introduce you to a few of them!

LED lights and strips are one of the best ways to not only update your lighting but give it a completely different look. Whether you add a strips hidden behind a valance or have hockey puck like lights, LED lights are the best way to go for actually illuminating your clothing. I’ve even seen closet rods that have built-in LED’s, too cool! Have a look at the few photos below 🙂

After all, what lady or gentleman wouldn’t want their

shoe collection illuminated and ready to go!?

As much as I don’t like them, recessed or flush-mount fixtures are best for a walk-in or reach in closet. Mainly practical, these kinds of lights are usually the most boring. Consider adding a flush-mounted fixture that reflects your style and taste. Bare bulb fixtures are just ugly and not code so just say no.

Remember the chandelier or fixtures you choose should illuminate your closet fully. Depending on your taste and space, chandeliers can be small or large and in my closet, it was on the medium size. Here are some examples below of great chandeliers and light fixtures.

Hopefully you’ll choose the right light for your space. Consider sending us a pic of your closet and we’ll see how we could improve it for you!

However you organise your clothes, make sure you have the best closets possible.

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We love beautifying your home.

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