Master Productivity with Home Office Storage Solutions

It makes sense that getting more organized will help you be more productive in your home office. Home office wall units are highly customizable and can offer you the storage options and office features that you need to get more done in less time. What kind of solutions? Here are exciting ways you can use your home office storage cabinets in Toronto to make working simpler, happier, and better.


  1. Light It Up


Natural lighting is easier on your eyes and can help you work better. Have your designer build-in lighting to your shelving to provide just the right light environment for you. Consider pot lights recessed into the shelving or a dedicated lamp with hidden wiring.


  1. Plants


Are you the kind of person who heads outside for a refreshing breath of air when work gets too tough? Add shelving for your plants in your office, and you will find it is a more relaxing environment. Choose a high-quality material that can stand a little moisture from the plants, and it will last longer.


  1. Keep it Neutral


You might be tempted to choose dark or intense colors for your home office, especially if you want to match your brand colors. But we suggest you be cautious. Neutral colors create a less distracting environment that can help you get more done. Consider whites, beiges, and soft browns for your home office furniture and storage.


  1. Combine Open and Closed Shelving


Sure, you want an interesting background behind you for those Zoom calls. However, you also want your space to feel less cluttered so that it is not distracting when you are working. Choose open shelving for behind you and show off your best trinkets there. For the shelves in your eye line, choose closed shelving so you cannot see what is stored behind them.


  1. Add Noticeboards


Are you the kind of person who needs to visualize their progress on a project, or how the details of the next big event will all fit together? Add a noticeboard to your home office to make yourself more productive. You can keep it in the open where you can refer to it or have your designer put it off to the side, so it is only in sight when you need it.


Home Office Furniture from Space Age Closets in Toronto


The expert team at Space Age Closets can help you have a better workday. Reach out to us for home office wall units and other smart storage solutions to make your life more convenient.

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