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    Quick Tips On Closet Organization

    As you know, space in any closet is more valuable than gold at times. (Well almost: D) Here are few tips that can I have found over the years works great for maximizing your closet space.

    Before we start getting down to the nitty gritty, the best thing is to take a look at what is actually in your closet.  Do you have duplicates that don’t really belong there?  Consider separating your clothes into different categories and sorting them that way.  Do it one section at a time and it won’t seem like such an arduous task.  Remember to separate them into three piles: keep, donate/trash, and repair.  If you haven’t worn that particular piece of clothing over the last few years, you really don’t need it anymore.

    • Using hangers that are consistently the same, looks uniform and ultimately will save you space and time.
    • Design where you want your items in your closet. Create a simple layout and consult with a closet interior organizer, such as Space Age Closets.
    • Keep in mind some clothes need to be hung delicately and given space especially if they’re an expensive fabric or particular cut. Face them the same way front to the back in front, will save even more space
    • Thicker clothes take up more real estate when hung. Fold and neatly place them on shelves especially thick sweaters and jeans.
    • If you have your most commonly used clothing at eye level, you’ll be able to access them much easier.
    • Use the vertical space of your closet to store seasonal and not often used clothing up and above.  Tidy plastic totes with labels will aid this even further.
    • To save time, my t-shirts and other like items are color organized. I know it sounds neurotic but it works and saves time in the morning dressing.
    • It’s a simple addition but add a jewelry drawer.  Makes everything tidier and we make custom inserts to fit the drawers.

    When you’re ready to have your closets designed and installed professionally, call one of our experienced designers to help make your life easier.


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