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    Reach-In Storage Systems Can Help You Streamline Your Storage

    People make a big fuss about walk-in closets, but are they worth it? If you live in Toronto, you may be a little envious of those who have space for a walk-in. Having more space is indeed nice. But the average walk-in closet isn’t exactly streamlined. It often turns into piles of unworn clothes, shoes, and a fair number of items that you don’t use but place in the closet because you have space.

    If you have a reach-in closet, there are things you can do to make it more streamlined and efficient than a walk-in closet could ever be. That will make getting dressed simpler and less stressful than it has ever been. Here’s how one of our custom reach-in closet systems can help.

    Rotate Seasonal Clothing

    Don’t settle for one stable closet system. These days, we can incorporate moving parts into your closet system so that you can adjust it to fit your seasonal clothing. Need more shelf space to fold up your oversized comfy sweaters for fall? Or, more rack space to handle all of your summer dresses? We can help you design a system that transforms for your season.

    Try a Capsule Wardrobe

    When you have smart closet storage solutions, everything should be visible. You should only have to open a drawer to see every shirt, tie, and watch. That can make experimenting with new wardrobe types much more fun—because you won’t forget the pieces you have. Try a capsule wardrobe, where everything matches, and you’ll find that getting dressed is even easier.

    Drawers for Outdoor Items

    What if you don’t have a lot of room in the front hall? Or, you always need to have the perfect matching scarf? Well-designed reach-in closet systems should have room for whatever items you want, and that can include your outdoor items. In Canada, we need to bundle up, so this space can be invaluable in the winter.

    Add other items you might not think to store in your reach-in closet: hats, shoes, travel bags, purses, make-up, and more.

    Streamline Your Storage with Space Age Closets

    Trust the Space Age Closet team in Toronto to get you organized. We can design and install the perfect custom reach-in closet for you or get you another closet storage solution. Reach out to us, and we’ll discover what the right options are for you.

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