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    Red – The Very Friendly Colour

    You know of course it’s almost that time again, Valentine’s Day. For those of us in the closet trade, it can mean a variety of things. Perhaps you’re going to surprise your partner with a new closet for Valentine’s Day or maybe a new fireplace surround. Whatever you choose, red is usually the colour that comes to mind this time of year.

    Red as I’m sure you know is a very strong colour. Not only is it used commonly for street signs because it can be seen from long distances, but red is also used a strong attracting colour between the sexes. The Goddess of Love herself, Venus and the God of War, Mars are commonly associated with the colour red. One of the main reasons that red is used so often during this time of year.

    Most hospitals and government building interiors usually steer away from using red since it can ignite strong feelings. Another reason why most hospitals use calm cool greens and blues inside.

    Red Home InteriorsFor a home’s interior, red is used as a statement or an accent. Depending on the brightness of your home’s interior, ie lighting, red can take on a variety of appearances from something resembling a burgundy to a pink.

    In regards to closets, a bright red glossy finish is something you might consider. Not only would it make a strong statement but a glossy red closet might help motivate you when you choosing your wardrobe for the day. Another thought for using red in your home would be to perhaps as a kitchen island freshly hand-painted. Not only a bold statement in the kitchen, but it would definitely be a focal point as well as a spring board for decorating the rest of that particular room.

    Red ClosetsThe garage is also another great place to use red. If you’ve noticed the last time you were at a home improvement store, you will see that most metal cabinetry for the garage is in fact in red! We offer a great selection for cabinetry in the garage in red which is bound to appease the inhabitants of your automotive man-cave.

    So when you’re ready to add a bold statement to your home, come on and visit us at Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry.~

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