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    Space Age Closets, Toronto’s Top Choice for Custom Design Closets, Announces Partnership with Irpinia Kitchens

    Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), September 22, 2014 – Space Age Closets, Toronto and the GTA’s top choice for custom closets, wall units, kitchen designs, and all other custom cabinetry, is excited to announce its partnership with Irpinia Kitchens.

    “Finding a partner that shares the same vision and has the same expectations for quality is not an easy thing to do,” says Harry Levinson, senior designer at Space Age Closets. “But now that we have found a partner with the history of designing custom cabinets throughout Canada, as Irpinia Kitchens has been doing for over 50 years, the work we expect to do together will be incredible.”

    Irpinia Kitchens has a showroom in Richmond Hill that will now also feature custom closet designs from Space Age Closets. Levinson explains that the pairing of Irpinia Kitchens, as one of the top manufacturers in Canada, with the over four decades of quality craftsmanship and dedication of Space Age Closets will allow both to reach new commercial properties and homeowners to showcase each others’ expertise in designing custom closets for new markets.

    “The benefits of this partnership are immense,” Levinson continues. “Both companies have extensive histories of designing custom closets in the GTA and across Canada. And both companies can now build on the work of the other and share new concepts for creating new custom cabinet designs. The union will also improve the manufacturing capabilities of both Irpinia Kitchens and Space Age Closets.”

    Levinson anticipates that the partnership will allow both Space Age Closets and Irpinia Kitchens to improve designs for custom closets in Toronto throughout the entire home or office. With the increasing popularity of “man caves” and home offices, the possibilities for creativity become almost endless.

    “Our goal at Space Age Closets is to always push ourselves to improve internally and continually find ways to offer our clients the absolute best product and service possible,” he adds. “The partnership with Irpinia Kitchens is another step towards achieving those goals.”

    With over 100 years of combined experience, Levinson sees the partnership as one that will be ongoing. And as people today find a greater work/life balance, both companies are on trend to be accommodating to homeowners that strive for their home to be personal, intimate, and a place of refuge, as well as an area in which they can work effectively.

    “The point of designing custom closets or any other custom designs is to make people feel more comfortable in their work or home environment,” Levinson concludes. “People always work or feel better in familiar environments or spaces that reflect who they are.”

    Space Age Closets offers custom closets and shelving to homes across the GTA. With over 30 years of experience, Space Age Closets is able to custom design walk-in closets, custom kitchen cabinets, custom wall units for the living room, sliding doors, game rooms, and much more. The company’s in-home consultation is free and it offers a satisfaction guarantee. Space Age Closets has a solution and design for every area of the home and provides them at an affordable price. And because Space Age Closets is an all-Canadian company, customers are guaranteed high-quality products with longer lifespans. To book a free consultation, or to learn more about Space Age Closets, visit the web site at, check out the showroom at 4242 Dundas Street West in South Etobicoke, or call Space Age Closets at 416-239-1202.

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