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    Custom Walk-in Closets in Toronto

    Walk-in closets are many people’s dream for their clothing storage and dressing room space. Having enough room to walk around in your closet may seem like a luxury, and it sure makes keeping track of your clothes simple too. There are many walk-in closet designs. As a custom walk-in closet maker in Toronto, we can show you great custom walk-in closet options. Read on to learn more. 

    What are Walk-in Closets?

    Walk-in closets are closets that provide you with enough space to physically step into the area to store your clothes and belongings. Unlike a reach-in closet, which only allows you enough room to reach into the space to obtain your belongings. Modern walk-in closets can be big enough to allow you to take a couple of steps into the closet, or they can be large enough to act as a dressing room where you can go in, sit down, get dressed, and the like.

    Making Room for Toronto Walk-in Closets

    The most basic walk-in closet is four feet wide and four feet deep. The largest dimension of a walk-in closet can be the size of a bedroom. Do you currently have a reach-in closet and wonder if you have the room for a walk-in closet? We can help you. Depending on the size and orientation of your home and room, we may be able to modify the space of a current bedroom, bathroom, utility room, or spare bedroom, in order to make space for your walk-in closet.

    Uses for Walk-in Closets

    Though there aren’t many types of walk-in closets, there are many different uses for them. For example, do you have a lot of niche items you like to store? You can design your own walk-in closet to incorporate sections with shelving to accommodate your storage needs. By designing storage for your specific items, you can get your shelving and closet sizes exact the first time. This helps you use your space effectively in order to fit more inside your closet without becoming cluttered.

    Have other uses for your walk-in closets? Add it to your design to fit your daily needs.

    Some items you might want to store in your walk-in closet can include:

    • Shoes
    • Hats
    • Purses and bags
    • Ties
    • Suits
    • Dresses
    • Makeup
    • Personal care products

    Get Walk-in Closets in Toronto

    Do you have other questions? You might be curious about the cost of walk-in closets, what materials are used to craft them, the design process, and more. We can answer them.

    Reach out to Space Age Closets to get a custom walk-in closet organizer in Toronto.




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