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    Custom Wall Units

    Built-in wall units are some of the most useful custom storage options available due to their sheer flexibility, functionality, and beauty. You can add a wall unit in any room to enhance the functionality and organization of the space. As leading wall unit makers in Toronto, we can walk you through what you need to know about these endlessly accommodating and useful shelving options. 

    What is a Wall Unit?

    A wall unit is made up of storage components placed together and secured to the wall within a room to maximize the organization of your space. They are meant to be a permanent addition to your room since they are attached to the wall. To fit perfectly into the room, your wall unit will be custom-designed to make the most out of your space and designed specifically for your needs.

    Modern built-in wall units are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and sizes. When you’re buying custom, the goal should be to accentuate your space to give you the exact storage solution that you need.

    Types of Wall Units

    Wall units can be placed in almost any room of the house. Some popular types of wall units are:

    • Bedroom wall units
    • Window seat units
    • Games room units
    • Garage units
    • Kitchen units
    • Home office units

    When considering wall units, the design is the most crucial element to take into consideration to fit the specific orientation and needs of your space. For great wall unit designs in Toronto, trust Space Age Closets.

    Uses of Wall Units

    When looking for “wall units near me”, you will want to consider what are the key reasons for wanting a custom wall unit. There are so many uses for wall units that they can essentially solve any of your storage hassles. Custom entertainment wall units are perfect for storing your television, gaming systems, and other entertainment devices.  We also create built-in wall units for living rooms in Toronto that can double as bookshelves, office storage, or a place to show off your most treasured possessions.

    With custom wall units you can mix practicality and décor to create the perfect custom unit to help solve your storage issues while at the same time adding a decorative element to your room with open shelving within the unit.

    Wall Units in Toronto

    Do you have other questions regarding custom wall units? Want to learn more about the cost of wall units, what materials you should choose, or how soon you can get your own custom wall unit? Reach out to us! Toronto wall units are available from Space Age Closets.




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