11 Walk-In Closets Design Ideas for a Fashionable Home

There is no denying that bringing home a new decor item is thrilling. The satisfaction of repurposed furniture that is all your own? Yowza!


Repurpose Old Furniture

Create a 360-degree rotating closet system with Closet Works that features a hidden full-length mirror and ample storage for shoes.


Save Space With a Custom Rotating System

If you have a small desk or vanity in your closet, use pretty jars or a tray to store your jewelry and makeup. The stool can tuck right under the desk to keep the pathway clear when outfit planning.


Set up a Vanity

Cover everything in the vibrant shade, from the trim to the shoe shelves. The shade is a flattering one for every complexion (a bonus for that mirror pep talk)


Experiment With an Unexpected Paint Color

Glass enclosures with wooden frames make for splashy storage while allowing the occupant's shoes to steal the show in this walk-in closet


Incorporate Location-Specific Motifs

The floating shelves and hardware-free drawers provide ample storage while also appearing clean and fresh, while eclectic lighting and marble countertops add personality.


Make It Modern

A floral fabric brightens up this walk-in closet. The adjacent primary bedroom features curtains in the same fabric for a cohesive whole.


Upholster the Walls in a Matching Fabric

Almost everything your walk-in closet off the main bedroom is tucked behind closed storage for a calm, clutter-free atmosphere.


Let It Flow Into the Bedroom

Recessed lights are best when you're trying not to take up any vertical space, but a small sconce or adjacent sconce can also help.


Install Task Lighting

Carpet for the floors—a must in a walk-in closet, where hardwood floors or tiles might be a rude awakening on cold mornings.


Warm Up the Room With Carpeting

The focus stays on the beautiful finishes and materials and keep unseasonal items of rarely-used items out of sight.


Stay Organized