10 Best Closet Organization Ideas to Maximize Space and Style

Green Curved Line
Yellow Leaf
Multiple Blue Rings

Make the closet space a happy place

If wallpapering the ceiling, decorating the wall space with art, or adding in a geometric rug brings you joy, go for it.


Get reflective

Mirrors and lacquered surfaces always make a space seem bigger. The wall mirror and glossy glass surfaces in this large walk-in make it seem even more massive.


Group clothing by category

Create zones for your clothes. “Avoid the temptation to group items by priority [i.e. how often you wear them or how much you like them]


Grab a few wire baskets

The trouble with rarely used items is that they are often out of sight. Keep them in your line of vision by neatly placing scarves, clutches, and even socks in a wire basket.


Add decor to wall space and shelves

Speaking of adding lamps and rugs, your closet doesn’t have to be just a storage space. Now that your clothes and accessories are organized into cubbies and drawers, consider adding some design elements


Use a ladder

A decorative ladder can be as functional as storage bins: Lean it up against one wall in your closet and use it to hang loosely folded, worn-but-not-dirty-yet shirts.


Metal grid for hanging items and heels

Consider hanging heels on a metal grid. It’s a creative closet organization idea that works in or outside a closet.


Incorporate brass hanging rods

Another option for displaying shoes? Go for a more polished look with mounted rods. “To display heels and dress shoes we use brass rods since they’re more refined


Divide and conquer

For storing handbags we create shelving with glass partitions that can be moved around to accommodate a single clutch or purse


Add hooks to walk-in closet walls

In walk-in closets, add single hooks to the walls wherever you have space. You’ll create extra storage zones, and you can have fun with them by choosing vibrant versions like these bent wall hooks from West Elm.