How to Create A Stress-Free Bedroom

Nowadays it’s even more important that your bedroom be quiet reflective oasis for you. Here are few thoughts that might enhance your bedroom so that you can’t wait to be visiting it.

Some colours you should consider for your bedroom oasis are sea greens, sky blues and sandy neutrals.

Task lighting is fine if you’re reading a book but overall, keep lighting subtle.

The Handbag

Places various plants in yourbedroom so that it has a warmer feeling as well.

Mirrors in your bedroom will help with reflecting light thus making the bedroom seem larger.

Ban all electronic device (phones, TV, etc.). As well ban your wallet and purse and other work related items from the bedroom or keep them in a spot that’s not easily accessed.

Try to keep most flat surfaces such as cabinets and chests of drawers as clear as possible to give that simple and minimalistic feel.

Stay away from deep jewel tones as they are strong and will have emotional baggage.