What Are the Important Accessories For Your Custom Walk-In Closet?


Now that you’ve made up your mind to add a few things to your custom walk-in closet, hopefully one we created for you, here are few items you should keep in mind. Go on, it won’t hurt much!


To protect some of your important documents, a safe in the closet is a great idea.


Glass doors are a great way to show off your items and proper lighting is also an essential as well.


As with purses, why not show off your shoes on glass shelves and behind glass fronted doors.

Now that we’ve tackled the pretty aspect of the closet, you have to keep in mind you’ll need general lighting in the ceiling as well as lighting in the cabinets.


Once we incorporate a laundry hamper, it’ll look just as though it’s a longer drawer, it’ll blend right in.


Whether it is a chair or couch or even a hassock, why not get comfortable while you’re getting dressed.


As well, a vanity mirror is great to have as well in your closet. which means a spot to do your make up  and check your hair.


Valet Rod is a great way of making up your mind when you’re getting dressed.