What To Do With the Family Room?

Most experts say that the family room is an extension or addition to the kitchen incorporating contrasting and complementary styles, colours and functions.

The family room is generally next to the kitchen and more often that not, the two rooms meld together creating one large living space. Some family rooms are enhanced with back doors that have direct access into the backyard or a patio.

Unlike the living room which often is a showcase and more formal, the family room is casual and serves many uses. Whether it is used as a home office, a guest room with a wall-bed or simply as a friendly place to chat, family rooms have to serve many needs of the home. Since the family room has to play many roles from playing games, chatting, or listening to music, custom built-in cabinetry is the key to its success.

From creating storage for games, and other supplies for the kids, the family room is also a place for adults. Family libraries, housing medium to large collections in various categories, from adventure to science-fiction, or even family photos, these all need custom cabinetry to house them and keep them handy.

If you need creative suggestions, helpful direction or simply someone friendly to bounce your ideas off of, don’t hesitate to call on our experienced, top-notch designer team at Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry.

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