Why Purchase Custom Sliding Doors?

In today’s market, homeowners have many choices for interior sliding doors in their home from ready-made ones to custom ones. Space Age offers a custom solutions to any type of opening whether it is a high traffic area or an area of limited access by reducing the obstruction caused by a swing-out door.
Our sliding doors, which use upscale hardware, deliver the advantage of using your space much more efficiently. These sliding doors have finishes ranging from aluminium, wood or even glass inserts.

For example, lately we have found that homes and offices that share a main corridor often benefit greatly from sliding door technology. These sliding doors reduce the chance of a person traveling down a corridor getting hit by a door opening as they pass by. This is quite a common occurrence in busy offices, kitchens or even a hallway in your home. The amount of usable interior space in an office or even in a bedroom in your home is greatly increased and this applies especially in today’s reduce-sized condos.

So for your next home or office project, consider ordering one of the better made sliding and barn door manufactured by Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry.

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