Why Should I Buy Canadian-Made?

Nowadays, unlike any time in history, consumers have more choices than ever before. If you want a particular ceramic from Japan, it can be imported or if you want a certain kind of fruit from South America, these are more than available. Purchasing individual items is relatively easy but when it comes to your home, it’s not always that easy.

Here at Space Age Closets in Toronto, we made the conscious choice long ago to buy local Canadian products. Sure we could import materials from all over the world but it’s a matter of should we? By purchasing locally, we have more control on what ingredients we have in creating and designing our closets, built-in’s, pantries, etc. Something we pride ourselves on is the fact we use Canadian products, not just for their local availability but the main fact that they are better for our clients and our workers. The board we use is lower than any imported product in formaldehyde and Sulphur, both toxic and carcinogenic.


If you buy local, keep in mind you are getting something that is completely customized for your home. Products from a box-store are generic and will not fit your home perfectly when it comes to creating cabinetry. I always laugh when I hear about friends purchasing Swedish-designed furniture and bookcases and complaining about them falling apart, shelves bowing. Almost all of the box store items are made in China and are heavily doused with sulphur and formaldehyde and really aren’t meant to fit your home perfectly or last a lifetime.


Keep in mind, whatever we design, we install. I always grit my teeth when I have to put something together that has come flat-packed from a box store. Never easy to assemble, despite what the directions say, I find big box store furniture infuriates your patience. We build our cabinetry so that it will last you a lifetime.

With a local showroom, you actually get to feel and touch what will be custom installed in your home. With our dedicated team of experienced designers and installers at your disposal, we design, create and install cabinetry all year long not just once and a while. There are very few things that we can’t design or build in your home to suit your needs whether it is a design, colour or finish choice, we can fit any taste.

So much easier to come to a local boutique showroom where you don’t have to walk a mile to find an experienced salesperson where we can help you realize your dream effortlessly.


Here is a quick check list to consider:

  1. Local products Canadian-made, better for the economy
  2. Experienced team at your disposal
  3. We install, no more Allan keys!
  4. Higher quality, furniture-grade meant to last a lifetime
  5. Local showroom for that touch and feel experience
  6. Custom-fit to your home and your style: colour, finishes, design.


I know everyone always dreads the

on-coming winter, but either way,

you know it’s inevitable so you

might as well be prepared. Book

your installation now so we can be

finished by Christmas 🙂


Hopefully this has whetted your appetite to update your home. After all, custom cabinetry is our specialty. Why not call one of our experienced designers to set up your next appointment, 416-239-1202 or send us an email. We love beautifying your home.

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