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    Custom Bookshelves In Toronto

    Why You Need Custom Bookshelves In Toronto

    As your family grows, it can sometimes seem like there’s never enough storage space to organize your family’s belongings! Installing custom bookshelves in your Toronto home can provide your family with new storage solutions while enhancing the design and value of your home. Here are three rooms in your home that can benefit from the addition of custom bookshelves:

    Your Living Room
    Bookshelves are the perfect addition to living rooms due to their functionality and ability to enhance your home’s design. For instance, you can install bookshelves that flank your fireplace or frame your couch. If you have a large window in your living room, a window seat and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can be added to create a dreamy space to cuddle up and read. Custom bookshelves can also make narrow wall spaces more useable. Interesting curves and edges can also be added to your bookshelf to transform it into a beautiful and unique design feature. What’s more, bookcases do more than hold books – they can be used to display beloved items, photos, seasonal décor, awards, and collectables.

    Your Kitchen
    While your kitchen may seem like an unusual place to install a bookshelf, they’re the perfect addition to any family with a budding chef. A small bookshelf can be added to your kitchen to organize and display your cookbook collection, which will make sorting through your cookbooks to find the perfect recipe an easier task. Installing extra shelving in your kitchen will also create more space to store cooking utensils, dry and canned goods, spices and seasonings, tea and coffee… and more! Virtually every kitchen can benefit from extra storage, and a custom bookshelf will add an attractive yet functional element to your space.

    Your Nursery / Child’s Room
    Custom bookcases are a wonderful feature to add to a nursery or child’s room because your child will never grow out of them. During their childhood years, their bookshelves can be used to store children’s books, toys, games, and clothes. The extra storage space will help keep toys off the floor and reduce clutter. As a teenager, your child will appreciate the extra space created by their bookshelves to stash their textbooks, books and magazines, electronics, awards, and favourite belongings.

    Space Age: Custom Bookshelves And Closets In Toronto
    While these are only three examples of rooms that benefit from in the installation of custom bookshelves, these shelving units can add functionality, beauty, and value to just about any room in your home. The advantages of custom bookshelves are endless. Whether you want a short bookshelf, a tall floor-to-ceiling shelving unit, or a bookcase with beautiful architectural elements to enhance the design of your home, we can help. The experts at Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry build high-quality shelving units and custom closets in Toronto. Call us (416) 239-1202 or contact us to learn more and to book a complimentary consultation.

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