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    Floating Shelf

    Proper Floating Shelves Or Look Ma, No Hands!

    I’m sure you’ve seen them in many home renovation magazines and websites. What I’m referring to are those great looking floating shelves supporting endless amounts of dishes and glassware and seem to be floating there as if held up by magic. We’re here to help you create floating shelves that are not only great looking but will actually support your favourite pet as well as dishware.

    Creating Floating Shelves

    Firstly, you’ve gone to those large box stores and seen their floating shelves. They are useless. Don’t even consider them if you want to put anything heavier than a pillow on them. The proper manner in which to create floating shelves are to use heavy duty brackets screwed directly, preferably with 6” screws, into the studs. Simply remove the drywall on the area where you want the brackets secured. Patch over top of the brackets with drywall compound to camouflage them and paint over them to further hide them. Once you have the brackets installed, you can either create a hollow box-like shelf to insert the brackets into or simply leave them visible with a simply shelf simply sitting on top of them. Either way, this floating shelf will be more than strong enough to support your heaviest dishes or as mentioned, your favourite pet 🙂

    Proper Floating Shelves
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