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Custom Bedroom Closets & Cabinetry Solutions in Toronto

Walk-In Closets & Reach In Closets

Bedroom Closets are the extension to your day to day needs. Make your bedroom a luxurious and organized dressing room. Whether its a large walk-in, a small hall closet, or in a child’s bedroom, we will design an organizational solution that will maximize space and eliminate clutter. Our products are of a top-quality material that provides a better finish. You can also choose from our fabulous line of accessories to incorporate to your closets such as baskets with storage to hold everything from your most awkward items to your most cherished items or jewellery and we have a custom solution to meet all of your needs.

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Built-In & Wall Units

We offer custom design solutions for your living room ideas whereby we will have a one-on-one consultation session to get your requirements and measurements. Put all the requirements in a drawing board before commencing the work. We offer several options that can bring new life to your home interiors such as Home Entertainment & TV Wall Unit System, Customized Fireplace, Wall Units to showcase books and collectables, Bar Units and more.

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Window Seats

With just a little creativity, a window seat can be the perfect solution to eliminating clutter in your home. And it can be a great focal point. We can help you with those choices and create something that adds value to your home while complementing its interior space. Our talented designers will help you visualize how you can make the best of the available space and by exploring a wide variety of choices of cozy window seats.

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Wall Bed

With real estate getting expensive, many are moving towards small living spaces or are looking to utilize the open floor space for better use. With our custom wall beds and Murphy beds, you can instantly convert any room into a bedroom. They can help you find the extra space in condominium or bachelor pad, provide more space in unused guest rooms, and also provide a place to relax in your office.

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Game Room

Whether modern or traditional styles, a custom games room is sure to enhance your family’s home in value and utility.

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Sliding Doors

We provide a unique solution that offers the best of all worlds. Sliding doors are always a creative option that accentuates your living areas or make your rooms and bedrooms feel more spacious. We offer a variety of choices from glass sliding wall doors to a modern or traditional or contemporary style. Whatever your requirement may be, we will provide you with an excellent finished product and the functionality you need while saving space.

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Home Office

We can help you with a custom-designed desk with shelving, drawers, and cupboards with doors that hide your peripherals and papers. We can even add a wall bed or Murphy bed that can be quickly hidden away and make your room look clean, organized and inviting.

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