Why You Need A Custom Fireplace Built-in Cabinetry!

Now that we’re deep in the heart of winter, we’re all thinking of ways to achieve that warm cozy feeling at home. Here at Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry, we have often created custom cabinetry that features an electric fireplace. Here are a few examples for you to consider for your home.

  • Off centre designs often work in a busy space where space is limited or you have a particular seating design in mind.
  • Consider lighting: General lighting as well as task lighting.
  • Also considering using a variety of material like this client. The unit was further enhanced with black quartz additions.
  • Consider using your built-in as a way to show off your collection and beautiful doors to hide day to day clutter
  • White is the most popular colour we utilize since it brightens any home instantly
  • This client added a fireplace and TV in their closet unit enhancing their bedroom.
  • By adding a fireplace to their bedroom, instant character is added as well as a cozy way to warm their bedroom at the end of the day!
  • We have a huge array of finishes to choose from
  • Try to be adventure-some with your colour choices.
  • A symmetrical design is always a favourite with our clients as well as fireplaces that are not the only feature of the unit.

Now that you’ve had a sense of what’s available and got your feet wet, here are some other considerations to keep in mind.

For our fireplace inserts, we only utilize electric fireplaces. First of all, installing an electric fireplace is so much more cost effective than the gas varieties and without all of the headaches of having gas lines run. At one time, electric fireplaces were very clunky looking and there were few designs to choose from. Nowadays, there is a huge selection of electric fireplaces to choose from. From something that looks like a traditional fireplace box with logs (ceramic usually now) to something that would work in the most modern and high-end condo setting.

Another reason to choose an electric fireplace is that they basically are maintenance free as opposed to a gas or wood-based fireplace. There is no chimney cleaning or expensive set up for an electric fireplace. After all, there is no need for a chimney!

Custom Fireplace Built-in Cabinetry

Here's a list of why you could choose an electric fireplace:

  • More affordable: natural gas and log fires need venting and gas lines. Installation of an electric fireplace can be as simple as unboxing it and plugging it into an electrical outlet.
  • Efficiency: an electric fireplace is very efficient with no heat being lost to the outside via a chimney or venting.
  • Limited maintenance is required although an occasional wipe down on of the glass front and replacing a light bulb is about all is necessary.
  • Space saving: an electric fireplace only required 6″ to 8″ and therefore takes up less space.
  • Condo/apartment suitability: these fireplaces need no gas lines or ventilation so they can be installed just about in any space with a large variety of makes and models to choose from as well.
  • Zone Heating: a great source of supplemental heat especially if you want to be extra cozy in one particular room (why not put one in your bedroom?)
  • Ambiance: Nowadays it’s really hard to tell that the flame effect produced by electrical fireplaces is not the real thing! Not only does this make sense for heating but also a great way of adding a décor element to your home.
We love making your home beautiful and with the addition of beautiful cabinetry surrounding an electric fireplace. We are convinced this custom cabinetry design will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also increase its value.
Why not call one of our experienced designers to set up your next appointment. We love beautifying your home.
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