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    Wall Bed Ideas: Benefits of Murphy Beds that Will Make You Want One

    Murphy beds may be an old idea, but they aren’t stuck in the past. These convenient, stylish bed choices can help you get more space in your home. They work wonderfully with modern styles, including minimalism, Scandinavian-inspired, and Asian-inspired. If you are curious about getting a custom wall bed for yourself in Toronto, you won’t want to miss these modern Murphy bed ideas.

    Ideas for the Bottom of the Wall Bed

    The bottom of the Murphy bed is important because it will be the wall when the bed is up. Whatever you put on the bottom of the bed, or whatever you cover the bed with, will become the focal point of the space. Here are some ideas:

    • Wardrobe look: Have the bed look like a typical wardrobe when it’s closed. It keeps the room classy.
    • Fabric wall: Make a more luxurious room by hanging fabric from the bed.
    • Barn door: The barn door trend is a great option to hide the upright wall bed.
    • Artistic options: You can also put art, framed photos, or paintings on the bottom of the bed.

    Rooms where Custom Wall Beds Work

    Your master suite isn’t the only room where a Murphy bed is a good idea. Here are some spaces where wall beds work:

    • Children’s bedrooms: Especially in small bedrooms, a wall bed can help kids have more room to play.
    • Loft spaces: If you have a loft space, a murphy bed can make it multi-functional and turn it into a more public space during the day.
    • Teen or dorm rooms: Rooms for teens and young adults can use Murphy desks to add space. They may also be more comfortable with the desk next to the bed, so they can break from their chair.

    Shelving and Other Murphy Bed Ideas

    Here are some more great ideas for Murphy beds and the storage space around them:

    • Shelving on the sides: A great spot for books, lamps, and your water bottle:
    • Shelving on top: Less functional, more beautiful. Put photos, keepsakes, and awards here.
    • Floating Murphy bed: An interesting look where the supports for the bed are closer to the center of the bed.

    Get Inspired with Space Age Closets

    Space Age Closets offers all kinds of storage solutions for any space in your home, including Murphy bed units. If you’re in Toronto and surrounding areas, contact us today about your options.

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