How to Create A Stress-Free Bedroom: Here’s How!

Most of your home should reflect not only your personal taste but also be an oasis from the noisy world out there we have to invade each morning. This is why nowadays it’s even more important that your bedroom be quiet reflective oasis for you. Here are few thoughts that might enhance your bedroom so that you can’t wait to be visiting it.

You're Wearing What?

I’m not sure about you but colour is a big part of my every day life. From choosing what you’re wearing ,thought I wear a lot of black, colour can be so important. According to the phycologists, our bedrooms should have a nice relaxing colour palette. Greens for example will give you lots of energy while purples and blues will give you a tranquil feeling. White, always a favourite with most of our clients, will relate a calming peaceful feeling. Stay away from deep jewel tones as they are strong and will have emotional baggage. Red is especially a colour to be avoided unless you don’t plan on sleeping in your bedroom 😀

When you’re building your custom walk-in closets or custom shelving, keep these colour choices in mind so that everything blends harmoniously.

Just Say No!

Accessories and bedding in the bedroom should also reflect this colour palette. Nothing too jarring in the colour tones. This is more than likely why most peaceful bedrooms are done in a pastel or light tone. Some colours you should consider for your bedroom oasis are sea greens, sky blues and sandy neutrals.

You Are Not Welcome:

Now that we have the colour stage set, it’s time to reflect on the content of your bedroom. Reduce if possible any clutter so that your eyes have less real estate baggage to take in. Instead, reduce distractions. Ban all electronic device (phones, TV, etcetera.). As well ban your wallet and purse and other work related items from the bedroom or keep them in a spot that’s not easily accessed. Try to keep most flat surfaces such as cabinets and chests of drawers as clear as possible to give that simple and minimalistic feel. Put your dirty clothes in a hamper so that there is nothing on the floor either to distract you. I have seen some bedrooms that go as far as not having any photos or paintings so that it’s calmer and less cluttered.

The Future's So Bright:

As with any interior decoration, lighting is key. Whether the lighting is out of sight (such as ceiling pot lights) or something small and low key, lighting shouldn’t be glaring or harsh. Task lighting is fine if you’re reading a book but overall, keep lighting subtle. In your custom closet or custom shelving, lighting should be brighter so that you can get an accurate view of your wardrobe.


Your IQ is what?

Some of our clients are really smart cookies. One astute client uses mirrors in her bedroom to help with reflecting light thus making the bedroom seem larger. Another one of our clients places various plants in her bedroom so that it has a warmer feeling as well. Keep in mind some plants are better for your bedroom than others. Consider spider plants and mother-in-law’s tongue(snake plant) as one of the best sources for filtering your bedroom’s air.

We’re hoping some of these suggestions prove helpful and inspiring. Everyone needs a nice calm space in their home. Give us a call so we can help you organize your closets so as to achieve this minimal spatial feel.

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