What Are 10 Common Questions About Murphy Beds?

As you can imagine, we all live in homes where we’d love to have more space. One of the easiest ways to achieve more space is to consider a wall bed. The best wall bed on the market are Murphy beds. I’m sure you’ve seen images of these types of beds and below are some common questions about how they work and other particulars. A little history on Murphy beds tells us an inventor in San Francisco around 1900 invented the idea for a fold-out bed so that he could visit a lady friend. The idea was so that a metal bedframe could be easily hidden in a closet so that his visits were somewhat discreet.

Amazing Murphy Bed
Single Murphy Bed

1. Are Murphy beds new to you?

If you’ve ever seen a wall bed then you have an idea of what a Murphy bed is. The concept has been around for decades. Murphy beds are hidden beds that allow you store a bed off of the floor vertically freeing up that space for other uses.


2. Are Murphy Beds Easy to Use?

You’re probably wondering how easy Murphy beds are to use. Since there are sixteen springs that basically do all of the work for you, there is basically little weight to the bed itself when being lowered or lifted back. We suggest an adult operate the bed so there are no possibilities of mistakes being made by little ones.

New Murphy Bed

3. How Safe Are Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are reliable and extremely safe. With sixteen springs doing all of the work for you, Murphy beds are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your sleeping space safely. We offer a life time warranty on the bed and mechanisms because we are so confident of their ease of use and safety.

4. Is a Murphy Bed Comfortable?

Unlike the couch in the living-room or that sleeping bag on the floor, Murphy beds are extremely comfortable since you are not limited by the kind of mattress you use. This is one of our favourite aspects of Murphy beds that you can choose your comfort level. The only limit on the mattress is it has to be ten inches in thickness or less.

5. Is there a Weight Limit?

I’m sure you wondering if there are any sort of weight limits on Murphy beds. A queen Murphy bed can hold up to 1000 static pounds which makes these beds even more versatile and practical for your home. Just remember not to invite any heavy elephants or frat houses to a sleep over!

Murphy bed Toronto
Kids Murphy Bed

6. Can you use any mattress

Unlike standard wall beds, Murphy beds can accommodate any type of mattress as long as it’s less than ten inches in thickness. We offer not only single and twins but our most popular Murphy bed is the queen size. We all know that everyone likes different types of firmness for your mattress therefore this make Murphy beds an even easier decision to install in your home.

7. Do Murphy beds have storage?

Depending on the size of your wall where you’re going to install the Murphy bed, whether beside your walk-in closet or on a blank wall, there is always somewhere to use as storage. Commonly, we like to install a headboard that is hollow inside for storing pillows and such. Above the Murphy bed itself, depending on how tall your walls are, we can create cabinetry above and on either side. We love watching our customers as they realize that soon they’ll have more storage space than they might need.

Murphy bed with storage

8. Can we create an office with a Murphy bed

We’ve often had lots of questions like this before since a lot of our clients like to combine an office work space and a murphy bed. More often located in a basement or quieter section of the home, an office/murphy bed is a great way for the budding executive to work late and not disturb the rest of the family. Either way, since we create custom cabinetry here at Space Age Closets, there are few limits as to what we can design.

9. Do I need to take the bedding off?

One of the nicest things about a Murphy bed is that you don’t have to remove the sheets. The pillows and any thick blankets or comforters (and your favourite teddy bear) will have to be removed, so that they don’t use some of that ten inches in thickness we mentioned earlier.

10. How Much Room Do I need for a Murphy Bed?

Keep in mind, it’s just not the size of the bed that you need to consider on the floor but you have to be able to walk around it as well, unless you like to jump into bed (not recommended). Nine to ten feet from the back wall unobstructed(clear of any furniture and any pet) is sort of the golden rule we use as to how much room you need. One of our clients even asked us to install a Murphy bed in their custom walk-in closet, easily hidden away from regular view.

Custom Murphy Bed

Keep in mind, once you have your mind set to acquire one of our Murphy beds, design and finishes are unlimited. There are so many finishes you can choose from gloss, matte and standard finishes, colours, textures. So once you have your finish picked out, we love textures, you then can choose from your door style. From Modern Slab, Raised Panel or Shaker, each of these door styles have a huge selection in themselves. This is why we find creating custom cabinetry so exciting and stimulating. The only limit really is your imagination.

Hopefully this has answered most of your pertinent questions regarding Murphy beds. We have been selling these for decades and again, we offer a limited lifetime warranty so there are no worries.

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